Explora Labs creates multi-platform systems that empower organizations to reach beyond traditional services and marketing channels. We deliver modern mobile solutions that integrate with your organization in a quick, easy, and cost effective way.

A Mobile Services Platform Company

We don’t just make “Apps”.

Unlike standalone mobile applications, Explora Labs offers a comprehensive, long-term approach to deploying mobility: we provide platform-based, turn-key integrated solutions for your mobile strategy.

In the 2008 Magic Quadrant report, technology research company Gartner coined the term MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) to rename the “multi-channel access gateway market”, reflecting its maturation and the then initial move of mobile tools and platforms to the application development mainstream. Today, the MEAP software market continues to evolve and expand. As businesses and enterprise organizations look for the best methods to integrate or mobilize services, the option of using a common mobility platform, like a MEAP, brings considerable savings and strategic advantages. This is the focus of Explora Labs since its incorporation in 2011.

Our products and services combine the attraction of mobile applications, geo-location services, online management services, and electronic commerce with the affinity and interaction of communities. We offer you new ways to provide your services, advertise, and build sales and loyalty.

Comprised of pre-designed, customizable, plug & play resources, Explora Labs’ solutions reduce the normally prohibitive costs of mobile development, while allowing a vast reduction in both time-to-solution and time-to-market.

Targeting business and enterprise organizations, our solutions are implemented in a variety of verticals, like: government, education, professional sports, membership-based organizations (country clubs, golf clubs, etc), insurance, corporate management & communications, marketing, and more.